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2010 Industry Bulletins

Bullet Item 12/31/2010 CSLB Reminds Licensees to Comply with New 2011 Laws
Bullet Item 12/30/2010 CSLB Board Cautions Licensees to Only Deal Directly with Board for Renewal or License Changes
Bullet Item 11/19/2010 CSLB Announces Zero-Tolerance for C-10 Requirement Violations
Bullet Item 11/05/2010 Roofing Contractor Nailed with 10-Year Prison Sentence for Failing to Follow Workers’ Compensation Law
Bullet Item 10/11/2010 CSLB’s Enforcement Efforts to be Profiled by CBS News
Bullet Item 09/08/2010 CSLB Urges HVAC Contractors to Avoid Customer Disputes by Following Energy Efficiency Requirements
Bullet Item 09/07/2010 CSLB Steps Up Enforcement of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Laws for Roofers (C-39) License Classification
Bullet Item 07/26/2010 Beware of License Renewal Fraud
Bullet Item 06/30/2010 Contractor Classifications Authorized to Perform Solar Projects
Bullet Item 06/29/2010 CSLB Announces New E-Mail Alert Feature
Bullet Item 05/13/2010 Up-To-Date Contractor Information Vital to License Processing
Bullet Item 04/22/2010 Hefty Fines for Violators of New Lead Paint Standards to Begin
Bullet Item 03/15/2010 Rise in Contractor Bond Premiums
Bullet Item 03/08/2010 Contractor Testimony to be Considered at Off-Road Diesel Regulation Hearing
Bullet Item 03/02/2010 Contractors State License Board Urges Licensees to Complete Renewal Forms Promptly
Bullet Item 02/25/2010 Stiff Fines Looming for Storm Water Discharge Violators
Bullet Item 02/25/2010 CSLB Reports 2009 Accomplishments & Activities
Bullet Item 02/23/2010 Heavy Fines on the Horizon for Violators of New Lead Paint Standards
Bullet Item 02/01/2010 CSLB Offers Resources to Help Licensees Stay On Top of Air and Water Regulations
Bullet Item 01/29/2010 CSLB Moves San Diego Office to New Location
Bullet Item 01/26/2010 2010 Contractors License Law & Reference Book Available


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