CSLB Concerns with Public Works Project Bidders

This information is for both licensed contractors that bid for public works projects, and public awarding agencies that hire licensed contractors for public works jobs.

CSLB wants to bring to your attention two areas where we have concerns with some public works project bidders:

  1. Bids that don’t include all work needed
  2. Failure of contractors to complete work in a timely fashion
First, it’s imperative that contractors provide awarding agencies bids that reflect the entire known work at the time of the bid. It is not appropriate for a contractor to lowball a bid to get a job, then try to increase the contract amount later with change orders.

Business and Professions (B&P) Code section 7113 requires that a contractor must complete a contract for the agreed-upon price. Not doing so gives CSLB a cause to take disciplinary action against that contractor’s license.

Second, CSLB is seeing an increasing number of public works jobs that are not being finished on time. B&P Code section 7119 requires that a contractor show due diligence in completing contracted work. Not doing so also gives CSLB a cause to take disciplinary action against a license.

Public works projects are critically important to California and the residents who pay taxes to fund these contracts.

CSLB appreciates your cooperation in helping us maintain the high legal standards established for the public works section of California’s construction industry.