Step 1: Before Canceling Your License

This step informs you of things you should know before canceling your contractor's license or applying for a continuance.

License Types and Conditions for Cancellation

Reminder symbol REMEMBER A licensee may voluntarily request cancellation of a license at any time. Keep in mind that it is illegal to contract with a canceled license.

In addition, the following conditions will result in the automatic cancellation of a contractor license.

  • Individual license – death of the owner
  • Partnership license – death or disassociation of a general or qualifying partner
  • Corporate license – notification by the licensee of merger, dissolution or surrender of the right to do business in California

    Alert symbol ALERT A corporate license shall be canceled 60 days after CSLB discovers that the corporation has merged, dissolved or surrendered the right to do business.
  • Joint venture license – cancellation, revocation or withdrawal of any of the businesses that formed the joint venture

Applying for a Continuance

  • If your license must be cancelled and the business needs to continue operating temporarily, you may apply for a continuance.
  • If a continuance is granted, this is a temporary period for the business to reorganize and apply for a new license.
  • Depending on your license type, only certain people may apply for a continuance, and if a continuance is granted it will allow only certain activities for the business. See Step 3.

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