Inactivate Your License

General Information on Inactive Licenses

  • An inactive license is "on hold." While a license is inactive, you are not entitled to practice as a contractor or submit a bid for work.
  • You do not need to maintain a bond or workers' compensation insurance coverage, or have a qualifying individual on your license.
  • You are required to maintain a current business mailing address on an inactive license. CSLB must be notified of any change to your business mailing address within 90 days of the change. (See section on changing your address for more information.)
  • A license may be maintained indefinitely on inactive status, provided that you submit your renewal application along with the required inactive renewal fee each renewal period.
  • As long as you continue to renew your inactive license, you will receive informational bulletins and a renewal application every four years at the address listed for your license in CSLB records.
  • To resume contracting, you must reactivate your license and pay the required fee. See how to reactivate your license for more information.

Alert symbol IMPORTANT: Any work performed while the license is inactive is considered to be unlicensed and disciplinary action can be taken against you.

How to Inactivate Your License

You can inactivate your license at any time, as long as the license is currently renewed. There is no fee to inactivate your license.

  • Complete an Application to Inactivate Contractor's License. If you are unable to download and print the form, you can call (800) 321-CSLB (2752) and request that the form be mailed to you.
  • The inactivation form must be signed by the owner, a partner, or a corporate officer. If the license is a joint venture entity, the inactivation form must be signed by a member of the joint venture license who is listed in CSLB records.
  • The current pocket card must be returned with the inactivation form. If your current pocket card is lost, you must pay $25 to replace the card by attaching a money order or a personal, business, certified, or cashier's check payable to CSLB. Do not send cash.
  • If you are in the process of obtaining a new license and do not want your existing license inactivated until the new license is issued, check the appropriate box on the inactivation form.
  • Send the completed inactivation form, pocket license card or $25 replacement fee to CSLB Headquarters.

You can verify that your inactivation was received and processed by checking your license information online or by calling CSLB at (800) 321-CSLB (2752).

Processing times can vary significantly.You can check the current processing times online. If CSLB is processing inactivations received after the date you submitted your application, you should check the status of your application by calling CSLB at (800) 321-CSLB (2752).

Maintaining Your Inactive License

To maintain your license on inactive status, you must renew the license at each renewal period.

  • A renewal application is sent to the business mailing address approximately two months before the license is due to expire.
  • The renewal application must be completed and sent to CSLB Headquarters along with the required inactive renewal fee.
  • An inactive license is renewed for a four-year period. (If the license is renewed inactive but the renewal is not received timely, the license will be renewed for the remainder of the current inactive renewal period.)

For more information, see renewing your license.