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CSLB Consumer Tips

What to Expect on Test Day (4:29)

This short video helps provide information to California contractor license applicants about what happens on test day.

10 Tips for Hiring a Contractor (1:30)
To download our 10 Tips for Hiring a Contractor brochure, go to https://cslb.ca.gov/10tips.html

CSLB Shows You Why You Should Always Get 3 Contractor Bids (1:00)
Contractors State License Board has a perfect example of why you should always ask for bids from at least three different contractors.

Rebuilding After a Disaster (4:06)
Rebuilding after a disaster has damaged or destroyed your home can be very challenging. Here are some tips from CSLB to help you through the process.


CSLB Quarterly Board Meeting July 24, 2020

Teleconferenced board meeting addressing items A through E of the board agenda.

CSLB Board Meeting: June 5, 2020 (Part 1-4) (55:35)

Addresses Items A through D4 of the board agenda.

CSLB Board Meeting: June 5, 2020 (Part 2-4) (54:05)

Addresses Items D4 through E of the board agenda.

CSLB Board Meeting: June 5, 2020 (Part 3-4) (56:35)

Addresses Items E through H2 of the board agenda.

CSLB Board Meeting: June 5, 2020 (Part 4-4) (56:56)

Addresses Items H2 through K of the board agenda.

Town of Paradise Community Meeting 1-7-2020 (47:02)

Special thanks to the Town of Paradise for this video.

Press Conferences

Press Conference Highlights - Parlier, CA (20:19)

A press conference about solar installation scams in Parlier, CA.

Paradise Undercover Sting Press Conference 1-31-20 (4:46)

Following a two-day CSLB undercover sting in the town of Paradise, this press conference was held at Paradise's new Building Resiliency Center.


Building Permit Training (13:55)

The Building Permit Course is broken down into five sections:
1. Building Permit Overview
2. Why are Building Permits Required?
3. Who Can Pull a Permit & Who is Responsible...

Get Licensed to Build Workshop Episode #3 (1:38:05)

Produced by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB), this informational webcast for those who want to get their California contractor’s license.

Undercover Stings

January 2020 Paradise Sting Recap & Media Coverage (11:41)

Footage from January 2020 Paradise sting,press conference and news coverage.

Santa Rosa Sting April 6, 2016 (1:43)

Video highlights from CSLB's undercover sting operation in Santa Rosa during the Spring Blitz

CSLB Spring Blitz March 2015 (7:52)

Video of CSLB undercover stings conducted in Madera, California on March 10-11, 2015.