Request for License Number Reissuance

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Easy-Fill Form

This form is required regardless of whether or not the licensee wants their existing sole owner or corporate license number reissued to the new corporation or limited liability company.

Please be aware that once the license number is reissued, it belongs to the new corporation or LLC and cannot be reissued to an individual or corporation at a later date.

This is an Easy-Fill form that will walk you through the process to fully and accurately complete this form. Upon completion, you will be required to print and submit the document to CSLB.


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To print or order a blank form, please click here to be redirected to CSLB's "Forms and Applications" page.
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* Required Entry

(as shown in Section 1 on the Application for Original Contractor License - Examination Waiver (7065))
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* Required Entry

You must complete and sign the form below and:

  • Check the "Yes" box and provide the requested information if you do want the existing license number reissued to the new entity and you meet the criteria listed below, OR
  • Check the "No" box if you do not want the existing license number reissued - a new license number will be issued to the new entity.

California law allows an existing sole ownership license number to be reissued to a new corporation or LLC if all of the following requirements are met:

  • The existing sole ownership license is in good standing;
  • The corporation or LLC was formed by the same individual licensee as the sole ownership license; and
  • The licensee maintains ownership directly or indirectly of shares or membership interests evidencing more than 50 percent of the voting power of the new corporation or LLC.

California law allows an existing corporate license number to be reissued to a new LLC if all of the following requirements are met:

  • The existing corporate license is in good standing immediately before its cancellation in connection with the application for an LLC license;
  • The LLC was formed by a corporation to continue the business of the corporation subsequent to the cancellation of the corporate entity's license; and
  • The personnel listed for each entity are the same.


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Review and Edit

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Completion Instructions

NOTICE: This document is not submitted to or saved by CSLB. You must either print it now, save it to your computer, or email it to your email address to print and mail at a later time.

Mail your document(s) along with the application to:

Contractors State License Board
P. O. Box 26000
Sacramento, CA 95826


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This process does not save or submit your document to CSLB. If you email the document to your email address, you will still need to follow the instructions to print and mail it to CSLB.


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