Application to Add a New Limited Partner to an Existing Partnership License

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Easy-Fill Application


As part of the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) application process and as required by law, you must be fingerprinted if you have not been fingerprinted by CSLB before or if your previous fingerprint record was purged by CSLB due to a voided application; disassociated, revoked, or cancelled license or registration; or for some other reason. After an application is accepted by CSLB as complete (also known as "posted"), the applicant will be sent instructions on the process for obtaining and submitting fingerprints, usually via live scan electronic transmission.

Your fingerprints will be compared to the records of the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you have ever been convicted of a crime, your criminal record information will be reported to CSLB. This includes DUIs and other Vehicle Code violations resulting in a conviction. Even if you pled “no contest,” had the conviction set aside, or judgment deferred pursuant to Penal Code sections 1000 or 1203.4 (commonly understood as “expunged”), the past conviction will still be reported to CSLB.

Under certain circumstances, CSLB may request that you provide mitigating information regarding your criminal history by completing and submitting the Disclosure Statement Regarding Criminal Plea/Conviction form that is available on CSLB’s website on the Forms and Applications page. CSLB’s Criminal Background Unit will contact you if it is requesting this additional information. If so, you can complete the disclosure and send an email scan of it to or fax to 916-255-4135. Please note, completing the form or any other disclosure of mitigating evidence is voluntary, and you may choose not to disclose any information. Your choice not to disclose information shall not be a factor in a board’s decision to grant or deny your application for licensure. (See Bus. & Prof. Code, § 480(f)(2).

Applicants with criminal convictions are not automatically denied licensure – each application is reviewed individually based on the applicable sections of law. When reviewing criminal convictions, CSLB considers factors such as the nature and severity of the crimes, the amount of time that has passed since the convictions, and any evidence of rehabilitation submitted by the applicant. CSLB has several regulations to review criminal convictions, including Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations sections 868, 868.1, and 869. Section 868 guides how to evaluate whether a crime is substantially related to the qualifications, duties, or functions of a licensee or registrant; Section 868.1 guides whether a felony financial crime is directly and adversely related to the fiduciary qualifications, duties, or functions of a licensee or registrant; and Section 869 guides whether an applicant has made a showing of rehabilitation.

For rehabilitation evaluation, in addition to other evidence of rehabilitation, CSLB is generally looking at how much time has passed since the conviction without further violations of law.

This is an Easy-Fill form that will walk you through the process to fully and accurately complete this form. Upon completion, you will be required to print and submit the document to CSLB.


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To print or order a blank form, please click here to be redirected to CSLB's "Forms and Applications" page.
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Application Fees

Application fee $125

General Information and Instructions

Listed below is general information to assist you as you complete the attached application. Do not submit this General Information portion with your completed application – the actual application begins immediately following this section on Application – Page 1 of 2. Before you submit your application, please review it and be sure that you have completed all requested information. Your application may be returned to you if it is insufficient or incomplete. You must provide any missing information, make corrections, and resubmit your completed application to CSLB within 90 days after the date that it was returned to you or your application will be deemed abandoned and become void. You cannot reinstate an abandoned application – you must submit a new application and $125 application fee if you wish to reapply.

Complete the application legibly in black or dark blue ink, or on CSLB’s website using the Easy-Fill feature. Please make sure that you and other authorized individuals sign and date the application. Leave no space blank. If a particular question or request for information does not apply to you, write “N/A” in the blank space to indicate that the question has received your attention but that it is not applicable. The “#” symbol is used interchangeably with the word “number” where space is limited on the application.

When a Limited Partner is a Company

Partnership licenses can have limited partners that are companies, as opposed to individual people. When a partnership license is adding a limited partner that is a company, complete Section 2 for the companies, omitting the fields that do not apply (e.g., date of birth, SSN/ITIN, and driver license number). Since companies are incapable of signing documents (e.g., applications, renewals, etc.), you must also report at least one individual person who will be an authorized signer for that company. To do this, you must make a copy of Page 1 of the application after Section 1 has been completed and fill in portions of Section 2 using this individual person’s personal information. Identify that person as the “Authorized Signer for ______” (inserting the name of the company on behalf of which the individual person will sign). This individual person will not be part of the official license personnel of record (unless they are also an actual limited partner of the partnership), but their information will be maintained by CSLB for signing purposes only.

Fingerprint Requirement

Please be sure to read the Important Notice Regarding Convictions on the front of this application packet. All applicants for licensure are required to submit a full set of fingerprints for the purpose of conducting a criminal background check. Even though you may have been fingerprinted previously for an employer or another regulatory body, you will need to undergo the fingerprinting and criminal history check process again specifically for CSLB, unless you have previously fingerprinted for CSLB and the results are still available and active on record with CSLB. California Penal Code section 11142 prohibits criminal history information from being released to any entity other than the requesting agency that you have authorized to receive it. Individuals in California are required to fingerprint by electronic live scan; individuals outside of California can fingerprint either by electronic live scan in California or by submitting hard card fingerprints that are completed in the applicant’s location, as explained in the instructions that are sent after the application has been accepted (also known as “posted”). For more information, please visit CSLB’s website and view information on the Applicants page.

Collection of Social Security Numbers, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, and Federal Employer Identification Numbers

With the exception of the driver license number, all information requested on the application is mandatory, including disclosure of U.S. Social Security numbers (SSN), individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN), and federal employer identification numbers (FEIN). Collection of the SSN, ITIN, and FEIN is authorized by Business and Professions Code (BPC) sections 30, 31, and 7145.5. SSNs, ITINs, and FEINs are used exclusively for the purpose of tax enforcement, compliance with any judgment or order for family support in accordance with Family Code section 17520, measurement of employment outcomes of students who participate in career technical education programs offered by the California Community Colleges as required by BPC section 30, and investigation of tax evasion and violations of cash-pay reporting laws as set forth in Section 329 of the Unemployment Insurance Code. If you fail to disclose your SSN, ITIN, or FEIN, your application will not be processed, and you will be reported to the Franchise Tax Board; they may assess a $100 penalty against you.

Collection of Personal Information

CSLB collects the personal information requested on the following form as authorized by BPC sections 30, 31, 141, 480, 7066, 7069, 7072, 7073, 7083, and 7145.5 and T16 CCR section 816. CSLB uses this information to identify and evaluate applicants for licensure, issue and renew licenses, and enforce licensing standards set by law and regulation. Submission of the requested information is mandatory. CSLB cannot consider your application for licensure unless you provide all of the requested information. You may review the records maintained by CSLB that contain your personal information, unless the records are identified as confidential information and exempted from disclosure by the Information Practices Act, including Civil Code section 1798.40. CSLB makes every effort to protect the personal information you provide us; however, it may be disclosed in response to a Public Records Act request as allowed by the Information Practices Act; to another government agency as required by state or federal law or as provided in Civil Code section 1798.24; or in response to a court or administrative order, a subpoena, or a search warrant. The Custodian of Records is responsible for maintaining the information on this form and may be contacted at the address and telephone number listed in the letterhead at the top of this General Information and Instructions portion for questions about this notice or access to records.

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Use this application only to add a new limited partner to an existing partnership license. General partners cannot be added, changed, or removed - instead, a new license must be issued.

  • Use one application for each new limited partner. Each additional limited partner must use a separate application.
  • To disassociate personnel from an existing license, including a qualifying partner or responsible managing employee (RME), use form 13M-5 – Disassociation Request.
  • To replace a current qualifying individual (qualifying partner or RME) on an existing partnership license, use form 13A-2a – Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual.


Business Name

Please provide the full legal business name as it appears on the CSLB license. P.O. Boxes and private mailboxes (PMB) are not acceptable for the street address. Also include the license number as issued by CSLB.

* Required Entry

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New Limited Partner's Full Legal Name And Address

Please provide the full legal name of the new limited partner (individual or company) that will be added to the license. When adding a company as a limited partner to a partnership license, see the General Information page for more information.

* Required Entry

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All questions in this section must be answered. If you checked “Yes” in response to any question, the person involved must attach a separate sheet with a detailed explanation for each situation. Please refer to the General Information and Instructions for more information.

* Required Entry

*Question 10

To the best of your knowledge, is anyone listed on this application (or any company the person is or was a part of) named in or responsible for any unsatisfied final judgments, liens, and/or claims against any bond or cash deposit pertaining to a construction project?

If you checked "Yes" for this question, you are required to attach a statement identifying all judgments (pending or on record), liens, past due unpaid bills, claims, or suits and a detailed explanation of the situation. Include the names and addresses of the parties involved. If the obligation was or is being discharged in bankruptcy, attach a copy of the bankruptcy filing and a copy of the creditors list.

*Question 11

Have you (or any company the person is or was a part of, or any immediate family member of the applicant) ever received a citation from CSLB or had a contractor license or other professional or vocational license or registration denied, suspended, revoked, or otherwise disciplined by this state or elsewhere (i.e., other U.S. state, U.S. territory, agency of the federal government, or other country)?
  • For the purposes of responding to this question, “disciplined” is an administrative action that resulted in a restriction or penalty being placed on any license you have or have possessed, such as a revocation, suspension, probation, or reprimand.
  • (Check “No” if the license or registration was suspended due to lack of a bond, workers’ compensation or other required insurance, a qualifier, or family support.)
  • If you checked “Yes” for this question, you are required to attach a statement detailing the events leading to this action.

*Question 12

To the best of your knowledge, has anyone on this application failed to resolve any outstanding final liabilities, which include taxes, additions to tax, penalties, interest, and any fees that may be assessed by CSLB, the Department of Industrial Relations, the Employment Development Department, the Franchise Tax Board, or the State Board of Equalization (BOE)?

If you checked “Yes” for this question, you are required to attach a statement regarding the outstanding liabilities. In relation to BOE liabilities, you must indicate if you have entered into an installment payment agreement for that liability with the BOE and provide verification that you are in compliance with the terms of that agreement, if applicable.


The State Board of Equalization and Franchise Tax Board may share taxpayer information with CSLB. You are obligated to pay your state tax obligation. CSLB may suspend or refuse to issue, reactivate, reinstate, or renew a license if your state tax obligation, child support obligation, or any outstanding final liability to CSLB, the Department of Industrial Relations, or the Employment Development Department is not paid. (BPC sections 30, 31, and 7145.5)

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Review and Edit

Please Review the Following Information

This is a summary of the information that will print on your form. If there are any corrections that need to be made, please choose the Edit button or Back button below to make the change now, as you will not have the opportunity to do so after you submit this page.




Agree To Complete

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Completion Instructions

NOTICE: This document is not submitted to or saved by CSLB. You must either print it now, save it to your computer, or email it to your email address to print and mail at a later time.

Mail your document(s) along with the application to:

Contractors State License Board
P. O. Box 26000
Sacramento, CA 95826


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