Winter 2015-16       |      Cindi Christenson, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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Quick Quiz

  1. Are local jurisdictions required by law to verify a contractor's license prior to issuing a permit?
  2. A new law effective January 1, 2016 increased the amount required for a contractor license bond to:
    1. $12,500
    2. $15,000
    3. $20,000
  3. True or False: A C-8 Concrete contractor can erect a lattice patio cover.
  4. A licensed contractor can place a stamp in a contract's signature block that is intended for an architect or engineer if:
    1. The contractor has special permission from the architect or engineer whom they are working with on a project.
    2. If a building department reviewing the plans gives written consent to the contractor.
    3. Never – the signature block may only be used by a licensed architect or certified engineer.
  5. Can a C-27 Landscaping contractor perform a single trade, i.e., concrete, masonry, or carpentry?

1: Verifying license status is good practice, but not a state requirement. Some cities and councils have adopted such a requirement by ordinance. 2: B.  3: False – A C-8 contractor can only work with wood when it is part of the formwork for concrete.  4: C – It is considered misrepresentation if a licensed contractor use their stamp in place of an architect or engineer. 5: Yes – A C-27 contractor may undertake any single trade contract, as long as the work is part of a project to improve the grounds within or surrounding a structure, tract or plot of land.

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