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Archived News Releases

Bullet Item 12/06/2023 Joint Operation Uncovers Alleged Unlicensed Contractors in Monterey County Sting
Bullet Item 12/06/2023 Contractors State License Board Works with NASCLA, Rebuilding Together Sacramento to Help Get Veteran Back into Home
Bullet Item 11/08/2023 Alleged Unlicensed Contractor Arrested During Clovis Sting
Bullet Item 10/24/2023 CSLB Cites Eight Unlicensed Contractors in Oakdale Sting
Bullet Item 10/19/2023 Joint Operations Target Unlicensed Contractors in Fresno and El Dorado Counties
Bullet Item 10/10/2023 Two Alleged Unlicensed Contractors Arrested in Targeted Bay Area Sting Operation
Bullet Item 09/27/2023 Undercover Operations Target Unlicensed Contractors in Yolo and Tulare Counties
Bullet Item 09/08/2023 Sutter County Undercover Sting Operation Exposes Unlicensed Contractors
Bullet Item 7/05/2023 20 Unlicensed Contractors Cited in CSLB Sting Operations in Madera and San Bernardino Counties
Bullet Item 6/30/2023 90 Alleged Unlicensed Contractors Face Legal Action Following Statewide Sting Operations and Sweeps
Bullet Item 6/22/2023 Sting Operation Busts Unlicensed Contractors in Sonoma County
Bullet Item 6/20/2023 CSLB Sting Uncovers Unlicensed Contractors in Rancho Cordova
Bullet Item 6/16/2023 CSLB Cracks Down on Unlicensed Contractors in Orange County
Bullet Item 6/09/2023 Unlicensed Contractors Cited in Tahoe Sting Operation
Bullet Item 4/19/2023 CSLB Warns Consumers to be Cautious of Misleading and Illegal Solar Advertisements
Bullet Item 4/12/2023 Undercover Sting Leads to Unlicensed Contractors in Greater Sacramento Area
Bullet Item 4/05/2023 Unlicensed Contractor Sentenced to Jail and Probation in Stanislaus County After Costly Remodeling Project
Bullet Item 3/17/2023 Repeat Unlicensed Contractor Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison
Bullet Item 3/10/2023 CSLB Celebrates Women in Construction Week
Bullet Item 3/09/2023 Alleged Unlicensed Contractors Give High Bids in San Diego County Sting
Bullet Item 2/16/2023 Dozen Unlicensed Contractors Cited in Undercover Sting in Central Valley
Bullet Item 1/26/2023 Attorney General Bonta Warns Against Hiring Unlicensed Contractors, Price Gouging in Aftermath of Winter Storms
Bullet Item 1/19/2023 CSLB Urges Homeowners to Hire Licensed Contractors Following Storm Damage
Bullet Item 12/18/2019 CSLB Partners with Kern County District Attorney's Office to Catch Unlicensed Contractors
Bullet Item 11/14/2019 Antelope Valley Resident Appointed to Contractors State License Board
Bullet Item 11/14/2019 Sacramento Undercover Sting Targets Unlicensed Contractors Performing Fall Clean-up Jobs
Bullet Item 10/24/2019 Two Years After Tubbs Fire, CSLB Finds Unlicensed Contractors Trying to Get Other Home Improvement Jobs
Bullet Item 9/26/2019 Free Seminar Educates Beverly Hills Seniors about Scams
Bullet Item 9/23/2019 Free Seminar Educates Seniors about Scams in Selma
Bullet Item 9/20/2019 Free Seminar Educates Seniors about Scams in Irvine
Bullet Item 9/16/2019 Unlicensed Contractors and Revoked Licensee Feel CSLB’s Sting in San Diego County
Bullet Item 6/27/2019 Contractors State License Board Catches One Hundred and Sixty-Nine Suspects in Series of Statewide Contractor Stings and Sweeps
Bullet Item 5/31/2019 CSLB Monterey County Sting Shows That Unlicensed Contractors Don't Only Go After Small Home Improvement Jobs
Bullet Item 5/17/2019 CSLB Goes Undercover to Prove Why Contracting without a License in Orange County is No Day at the Beach
Bullet Item 4/30/2019 CSLB Cites Illegal Contractor with Criminal Past in Orange County Undercover Sting
Bullet Item 4/25/2019 Illegal Ads Lead CSLB to Shady Contractors in San Fernando Valley
Bullet Item 4/18/2019 CSLB Cites Repeat Offender in Amador County Sting
Bullet Item 4/16/2019 CSLB Finds Contractors Lacking Workers' Comp Insurance in Bakersfield Sting
Bullet Item 4/3/2019 CSLB Cites SoCal Tree Trimmers for Illegal Bidding; One Suspect Arrested for Being "Potential Threat" to Residents
Bullet Item 3/29/2019 Repeat Offender Cited During CSLB Undercover Sting in Orange County
Bullet Item 3/6/2019 22 Unlicensed Contractors Cited by CSLB in Ventura County
Bullet Item 2/20/2019 CSLB Cites Two Dozen for Illegal Contracting in Lafayette
Bullet Item 2/18/2019 CSLB Hopes Getting Caught in Merced Undercover Sting Will Lead Suspect to Different Career
Bullet Item 1/31/2019 CSLB Receives $179K Bid from Unlicensed Contractors in Alameda County
Bullet Item 1/24/2019 CSLB Cites Sixteen Workers for Illegal Contracting in Los Angeles County
Bullet Item 1/22/2019 Sonoma County Unlicensed Contractor Pleads Guilty to Eleven Counts of Illegal Contracting
Bullet Item 12/19/2018 CSLB Alerts Coachella Valley Residents that State License Required for Tile Sealing and Many Tile Cleaning Projects
Bullet Item 12/7/2018 CSLB Sacramento County Undercover Sting Exposes Fraudulent Use of Contractor Licenses
Bullet Item 12/7/2018 CSLB Catches Contractor with Expired Licenses in Santa Cruz County
Bullet Item 12/4/2018 More than a Dozen Caught in CSLB Riverside County Sting Proves Need to "Check The License First"
Bullet Item 11/1/2018 CSLB Cites Workers for Contracting Illegally and Violating Advertising Rules During Undercover Sting in Butte County
Bullet Item 11/1/2018 While Lake County Focuses on Rebuilding, CSLB Finds Unlicensed Contractors Trying to Get Other Home Improvement Jobs
Bullet Item 10/26/2018 Online Advertisements Lead CSLB to Unlicensed Workers in Fresno County
Bullet Item 10/25/2018 Unlicensed Contractors Caught Placing High Bids in CSLB Orange County Sting Operation
Bullet Item 10/24/2018 CSLB Hits Unlicensed Contractors with Citations During Southland Sting Operation
Bullet Item 10/22/2018 Contractors State License Board Undercover Sting Finds No Shortage of Unlicensed Contractors in Contra Costa County
Bullet Item 9/27/2018 CSLB Busts Three Repeat Offenders During Dual Central and SoCal Undercover Operations
Bullet Item 9/19/2018 CSLB and Shasta County District Attorney Continue Maximum Effort to Protect Carr Fire Survivors from Unlicensed Contractors
Bullet Item 8/30/2018 CSLB Undercover Sting Highlights Importance of Consumers Looking at All Home Improvement Ads
Bullet Item 8/30/2018 Contractor with Revoked License and Husband Returned from Arizona to California to Face Dozens of Criminal Charges
Bullet Item 8/28/2018 CSLB Targets Unlicensed Contractors in San Joaquin County
Bullet Item 8/14/2018 Illegal Ads Lead CSLB to Shady Contractors in Fresno Undercover Operation
Bullet Item 8/10/2018 Online Ads Lead CSLB to Unlicensed and Uninsured Workers in Sacramento County
Bullet Item 8/3/2018 CSLB Sends Message to Unlicensed Contractors in Riverside County
Bullet Item 7/2/2018 High Contracting Bids Leave Suspects with Citations in CSLB Long Beach Sting
Bullet Item 6/27/2018 CSLB Catches Several Suspects at Undercover Contractor Sting in Lafayette Revealing Why Checking the License First is Essential
Bullet Item 6/27/2018 CSLB Stops Unlicensed Workers During Sting in Siskiyou County
Bullet Item 6/26/2018 Unlicensed Contractors Caught in CSLB Monterey County Investigation
Bullet Item 6/19/2018 CSLB Cites Nine for Illegal Contracting in the Central Valley
Bullet Item 5/31/2018 Online Advertisements Lead CSLB Investigators to Unlicensed Contractors in Los Angeles County
Bullet Item 5/24/2018 California & Nevada Contractors Boards Team Up to Go after Unlicensed Contractors in Lake Tahoe Area
Bullet Item 5/4/2018 Unlicensed Contractors Caught in Napa Burn Area May Face Felony Charges After Showing Up to CSLB Sting Operation
Bullet Item 4/18/2018 More than a Dozen Caught in CSLB Napa County Sting Proves Need to "Check The License First"
Bullet Item 4/9/2018 Illegal Contractors Feel the Sting in CSLB Orange County Investigation
Bullet Item 3/29/2018 CSLB Reminds Unlicensed Painters to Brush Up on the Law During Undercover Sting Operation in Merced
Bullet Item 3/26/2018 CSLB Shuts Down Illegal Operators During Undercover Sting in San Diego County
Bullet Item 3/16/2018 CSLB Sting in Roseville Reveals Why Consumers Should Take Time to Research Contractors Before Hiring
Bullet Item 2/28/2018 CSLB Finds Contractors Without Licenses or Workers’ Comp Insurance in Kern County
Bullet Item 2/21/2018 Disaster Task Force Alerts North Bay Fire Survivors About Suspected Unlicensed Contractor Trying to Get Debris/Tree Removal Jobs
Bullet Item 2/6/2018 Sex Offender and Illegitimate Contractors Caught by CSLB in Simi Valley Sting
Bullet Item 2/2/2018 Warning for North Bay Fire Survivors to Be Vigilant as Undercover Sting Catches More than One Dozen Unlicensed Contractors
Bullet Item 2/1/2018 Unlicensed Contractors Caught in Clovis Sting Face Consequences
Bullet Item 1/29/2018 Suspected Sonoma County Unlicensed Contractor Faces Multiple Felony Charges as Investigators Look for Additional Victims